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Book Review: The Inventor’s Secret by Chad Morris

This was a FABULOUS book. I would rank it up with The Hunger Games, it was that good. Set in the year 2074, everything is different. Almost all books are read on ereaders. Wrinkles were cured thirty years ago. Newspaper are completely online. Everyone wears contact lenses that are like computer screens (similar to Google Glass), controlled by rings worn on every finger. But the biggest difference of all: the education at Cragbridge Hall. 

Cragbridge Hall is the most prodigious jr. high. in the entire world. Only top students get in. Not even straight-A honor-roll students. Kids who have achieved something great. Designed a fashion line, starred in a TV show, be a genius. Or be the granddaughter of the founder of the school — Oscar Cragbridge himself.

That’s how Abby got in. She is perfectly ordinary. Her twin brother, Derick, on the other hand, is practically a super-genius. He got in completely on his own. All Abby wants is to go back home. But when disaster strikes her family and the lives of people she loves are threatened, she discovers that she is not average at all.

I ADORED this book. I read the entire thing in one day. My favorite character was Carol, hands down.



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