If you have any book suggestions you would like me to read and review, please post a comment here! Please allow three to four weeks for a review.


20 responses to “Suggestions

  1. Have you read Shannon Hale’s “Princess Academy?” It’s amazing! Please don’t judge it based on the girly title. There’s also a sequel as well. “Palace of Stone.” I would love to see a book review on this book, and I also think you should read it. (If you’re a book-worm like me). My friends and I also do book reviews. You should check it out.

  2. Have you read The Homelanders Series by Andrew Klavan? They’re amazing!

  3. Lilliane Patricia Harper

    Have you read Code of Silence by Tim Shoemaker? I would recommend it to all teens!!

  4. Have you read any books by Nancy Rue ?? I like the Lucy Series best . can you review some of them?

  5. Grace,
    If you like the Giver, read Gathering Blue and Messenger, in that order. AMAZING. Also by Lois Lowry and sequels to the Giver. **SPOILER** Jonas is shown as an adult leader in a community that embraces people with differences**

  6. Lilliane Patricia Harper

    I have started SON but have not finished it. I want to read it and it looks incredible.

  7. Lilliane Patricia Harper

    Are you allowed to release any spoilers on Son?

  8. Lilliane Patricia Harper

    Yes. I loved it and am reading it again just because.

  9. Maia Fernando

    Hi Grace,
    Right now, I’m reading “Journey to the River Sea”. I think you enjoy reading it!

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