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Book Review: The Miraculous Journey of Edward Toulane by Kate DiCamillo

Synopsis (from the last page): Once, there was a china rabbit who was loved by a little girl. The rabbit went on an ocean journey and fell overboard and was rescued by a fisherman. He was buried under garbage and unburied by a dog. He traveled for a long time with the hoboes and for a short time as a scarecrow. Once there was a rabbit who loved a little girl and watched her die. The rabbit danced the streets of Memphis. His head was broken open in a diner and was put together again by a doll mender. And the rabbit swore he would not make the mistake of loving again. Once there was a rabbit who danced in a garden in springtime with the daughter of the woman who had loved him at the beginning of his journey. The girl swung the rabbit as she danced in circles. Sometimes, they went so fast, the two of them, that is seemed as if they were flying. Sometimes, it seemed as if they both had wings. Once, oh marvelous once, there was a rabbit who found his way home. Continue reading


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