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Book Review: Lucy Doesn’t Wear Pink by Nancy Rue

Synopsis (from the back cover): Growing up is hard when you don’t have a mother—but God helps Lucy find her way. Lucy is a feisty, precocious tomboy who questions everything—including God. Understandably, especially after an accident killed her mother, blinded her father, and turned her life upside down. It will take a strong but gentle housekeeper—who insists on Bible study along with homework—to show Lucy that there are many ways to become the woman God intends her to be. Lucy’s bossy, career-minded Aunt Karen thinks eleven-year-old Lucy needs a woman’s influence. Enter Inez—a housekeeper with a will as strong as Lucy’s—and her granddaughter Mora, a girly-girl who is Lucy’s polar opposite. Will the girls ever find common ground? Inez just might have the answers when she teaches them the story of Ruth and Naomi. Continue reading


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Book Review: Real Life Series by Nancy Rue

Nancy Rue is one of my favorite authors of all time. I’ve read all of her tween books and this series is for teens. I loved these books!

Motorcycles, Sushi, and One Strange Book is about Jessie Hatcher. She lives with her mother, who has “In-Bed” and “No-Bed” phases. When  Jessie’s mother is taken to the hospital, Jessie must go to live with her father in Florida. With the help of a strange book and an unexpected friend, Jessie might be able to find a normal life.

Boyfriends, Burritos, and an Ocean of Trouble is about Bryn O’Connor. On the outside, she seems happy and content, but when it is revealed that her boyfriend, Preston, is abusing her, she must remain brave in the face of threats. It seems that she is being betrayed at every turn. An odd little book shows up. It, along with her visiting grandmother, will give her courage to stand up to Preston in court.

Tournaments, Cocoa, and One Wrong Move is about Cassidy Brewster. She is an amazing basketball player, but injures herself during the state tournament. She goes to desperate measures in order to be healed quickly, but is caught and thrown off the team. When everyone she knows loses their trust in her she turns to a peculiar brown leather book for answers.

Limos, Lattes, and My Life on the Fringe is about Tyler Bonning. She and her friends are the outcasts of her high school. When she’s nominated as prom queen, she feels hurt and betrayed. She decides to turn it into a campaign that will make prom affordable for everyone. Help comes from unexpected places. When an accident involving one of Tyler’s friends happens, she seeks comfort from a weird leather book.

I hope you read these books!!!

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