About Me

photo (14)

My sixth grade youth pastor snapped this photo at a baseball game (I was reading Anne of Green Gables).

Hi, I’m Grace!

I love to read and write. I’m a feminist and equal rights advocate (anyone looking to pick a fight about that will be blocked). Some of my obsessions interests are Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Marvel, and anything from 1900 to 1970.


Me in November 2013–yes, I know I’m pale.

I’ve dabbled in many subject areas and as a result, I have beginning levels of expertise in fencing, skating, horseback riding, Ancient Greek, Latin, pottery, interior design, and many more.

I post personal updates on Tuesdays, book reviews on Thursdays, and polls on Saturdays. Comment if you have any questions!

FaceQ of me

FaceQ of me



10 responses to “About Me

  1. mene

    grace, i think ur blog is awesome!!!!!!!! pls can i request for a review of the elijah series?? thanks

  2. bouncehopjump

    Hey Grace, I love your blog! Just do you know I changed my blog around, maybe you could have a peek sometime……. Oh and did I mention that you are great at writing book reviews!
    Love Brittany

  3. Maia Fernando

    Hi Grace, ( Maia here. )
    I love love love love your blog!! Great reviews about books and might be able to read these books!

    • Hey, Maia! Thank you so much! For books you’ll probably be able to read, look at the Ages 8-10 tag and some of the books under Ages 10-12 (email if you want to know which ones).

  4. sapphira

    Heyyyyyyyyyy I can’t figure out how to follow you, but I really am enjoying your blog.


  5. Sapphira

    Ok ill see if i can figure that out


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