Personal Update: Starting My Freshman Year

So, I started school this week. High school, to be more precise. While it’s definitely better than middle school, freshman year won’t be the highlight of my life (at least I hope not!).

My classes have greatly improved since last year though. I get to read Shakespeare (we just started A Midsummer Night’s Dream!) and The Aeneid, study Latin (for the fourth year) and Ancient Greek (for the second year), and do monthly current events reports in geography. Unfortunately, I have three quizzes this week, so “easing into school” is clearly low priority to my teachers. My favorite class so far is either geography, British Literature, or Ancient Greek.

I also attended the first meeting of my library’s teen council. It was amazing. All the other teens were so nice and so much like me. We discussed Doctor Who, Percy Jackson, Comic Con, and our favorite subjects in school, and nobody was called nerdy or dorky. I’ve never experienced anything so different or wonderful.

What’s your favorite class this year?



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  1. That sounds almost exactly like my homeschool co-op. WHAT? I found you via Miss Nancy Rue’s blog archives and I think I remember you from the tween blog:) Miss you, Grace!

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